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About Finger Free® Reflexology

Finger Free ®  Reflexology is designed  to give a full and deep treatment to your client, without unnecessary strain or stress to the fingers and thumbs. This unique, radical, new technique aims to help extend your working life, and open up a whole new way of working on the feet.

Finger Free® Reflexology utilises the metacarpals and styloid process of the radius together with other areas of the hand and wrist to give effortless, deep treatment to your client's feet. Finger Free® also draws on the principles of Zone Therapy and Meridians, in order to enhance the healing power of classical Reflexology.

If you enjoy giving Reflexology treatments, but find that after a few clients, your fingers are beginning to ache, then Finger Free® could be just the answer you have been looking for. The techniques used in Finger Free® Reflexology reduce wear and tear on the finger joints and, therefore, assist in extending your working life.

Another advantage that Finger Free® Reflexology offers, is for the Reflexologist who has carpal tunnel syndrome and/or double jointed fingers (or thumbs). Because the techniques are so different, and because the pressure applied is less, this new form of Reflexology has the potential to become a 'career saver'.

If you are lucky enough to have strong hands and, as yet, don't experience any signs of finger strain, Finger Free® Reflexology still has the advantage of offering your clients a different style of treatment, enabling your treatments to remain fresh, varied and interesting.

Want to know more?

David Wayte was interviewd on a Webinar by Teresa Rich, where Finger Free® Reflexology was the main topic. Do have a watch of the recording of the webinar, below:



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