Finger Free® Reflexology

Tired and aching fingers after a hard day's work? Want to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury? Or, do you fancy learning a radical new method of delivering Reflexology that will set you apart from your competitors?

The Finger Free Reflexology CPD course can be learned all over the UK and is also taught internationally.

Finger Free ® Reflexology has been devised and created by David Wayte. He was concerned about the likelihood of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) to the fingers and hands, resulting in Reflexologists having to give up their therapy after developing osteoarthritis in their fingers. Thinking there must be an answer to this problem, David spent five years perfecting this new technique and now offers it to you.

Whilst developing Finger Free® Reflexology, David found that his clients actually preferred it to classical Reflexology, and discovered that the healing reaction to the techniques was profound. Not only that, but the technique allowed him to use far les pressure, and yet at the same time, give a deeper treatment for the client.

David is Principal of Jubilee College, he sits on the Profession Specific Board of the UK's regulator for Complementary Therapies and was the first Reflexologist in the UK to be made a Member of the Royal Society of Medicine. He also specialises in fertility Reflexology for both men and women at Jubilee Holistic Therapy Clinic, and has taught these techniques throughout the UK and internationally.

 Want To Watch?

If you would like to see what Finger Free Reflexology looks like, please have a look at our short promotional video below:


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Thank you for booking

Many thanks for booking our CPD course in Finger Free® Reflexology. You will receive a receipt from Paypal for the booking fee, and we will also shortly confirm your booking by e-mail.

I very much look forward to meeting you soon.

Best wishes


David Wayte PRM

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Learn Finger Free® Reflexology

Training consists of learning a completely new routine for delivering Reflexology and, of course, how to do it without using your fingers. The idea behind Finger Free®, is that fingers are reserved for 'fine tuning' only, and not used for the more heavy duty work sometimes required in Reflexology

Finger Free® training is available only to fully qualified Reflexologists. You will be personally trained by David Wayte, who developed Finger Free® Reflexology.

Training dates are listed below. Candidates for this course must currently hold a full Practitioners Diploma in Reflexology / Certified Reflexologist.

UK Cost: £80.00 deposit and £180.00 balance due on the day of class.    Non UK costs, please see individual listings.

To book, please use the buttons below:

Course Locations:

As Finger Free Reflexology is SO different, and does not adapt to online teaching, I have had to take the difficultdecision to postpone all training dates until it is safe (Covid) to teach face to face again.

As soon as we can re-sart our CPD training safely we will do so


If you would like to be informed of when training in this fantastic method of Reflexology will resume, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will ensire you are the first to know!


Course Times: 10.00am - 4.30pm

Please note: Bookings are refunded if the course is cancelled by Jubilee College. However, if you decide to cancel your booking, payment is non refundable. Deposits paid for Nottingham will be held in credit against other courses/dates that you may wish to attend. Payment for all other venues will be lost if cancelled by students, due to higher costs associated with these venues.

Can't make of the dates, or course not listed in your area?

If you would like to be kept up to date with CPD training coming to your area.......


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CPD Points

This course will give PR delegates 14 points, AoR 14 CPD points, FHT  5 points, Embody 5 points, 50 IRI points, and 100 NRRI points. It is also recognised as suitable CPD by many other awarding bodies.

If there is any further information you need, please feel free to e-mail, or telephone on  01773 531567.

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Mailist Page

I am often asked if I can come and teach in different places, so this page allows you to add yourselves to mail lists I have for different countries. Please add your email address to the appropriate country / State / Province so I can contact you as soon as I can create a teaching date in your area.

If your country is not listed, do please let me know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Pensylvania  Ohio / Virginia  Minnesota/Wisconsin  Ilinois / Indiana  Washington/Oregon
 Colorado / Utah  Arizona/New Mexico  Missouri / Kansas  Georgia / Tennessee  

If there is any further information you need, please feel free to e-mail, or telephone on  +44(0)1773 531567.

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About Finger Free® Reflexology

Finger Free ®  Reflexology is designed  to give a full and deep treatment to your client, without unnecessary strain or stress to the fingers and thumbs. This unique, radical, new technique aims to help extend your working life, and open up a whole new way of working on the feet.

Finger Free® Reflexology utilises the metacarpals and styloid process of the radius together with other areas of the hand and wrist to give effortless, deep treatment to your client's feet. Finger Free® also draws on the principles of Zone Therapy and Meridians, in order to enhance the healing power of classical Reflexology.

If you enjoy giving Reflexology treatments, but find that after a few clients, your fingers are beginning to ache, then Finger Free® could be just the answer you have been looking for. The techniques used in Finger Free® Reflexology reduce wear and tear on the finger joints and, therefore, assist in extending your working life.

Another advantage that Finger Free® Reflexology offers, is for the Reflexologist who has carpal tunnel syndrome and/or double jointed fingers (or thumbs). Because the techniques are so different, and because the pressure applied is less, this new form of Reflexology has the potential to become a 'career saver'.

If you are lucky enough to have strong hands and, as yet, don't experience any signs of finger strain, Finger Free® Reflexology still has the advantage of offering your clients a different style of treatment, enabling your treatments to remain fresh, varied and interesting.

Want to know more?

David Wayte was interviewd on a Webinar by Teresa Rich, where Finger Free® Reflexology was the main topic. Do have a watch of the recording of the webinar, below:



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