I've just had a WONDERFUL weekend training with David. We have to do these trainings to keep our insurance and membership up BUT this was the most enjoyable training I’ve ever attended. Your energy, enthusiasm and fun nature was infectious. I learned LOADS and I am delighted I attended and looking forward to incorporating lots of finger free reflexology in my treatments :-)

Fantastic course today (Finger Free Reflexology) with the amazing with David Wayte. David's aim is to stick 2 fingers up to repetitive strain injury (or not as it was Finger Free!) by teaching how to give reflexology using other parts of the hand and forearm. Learnt a lot of good and useful stuff today - thanks David x  

My clients love the new treatment! my most regular client, who is a big fan of my usual traditional reflexology treatment, said that she preferred the new treatment and felt fantastic after having it done.

I’d definitely recommend this course as a great CPD day and a way to ensure any Reflexologist is fit to work for many, many years.

I just attended a refresher day of Finger Free Reflexology. It was incredibly useful. The first time I attended the course, about 4 months ago, there was a lot to learn as David taught us new techniques for almost a full reflexolgy treatment. On the refresher course I got the hang of a couple of techiques that I hadn't picked up the first time; I corrected some techniques I wasn't doing them quite right; and I learnt how to adapt techniques so they suited me better. David is brilliant at this. Several of us attending the course had injuries, stiffness etc, to thumbs, arms etc - and David worked with each of us to find a comfortable way of giving an effective treatment. The refresher day really improved my technique and gave me lots more confidence - very much worth doing.