I’ve just had a WONDERFUL weekend training with David. We have to do these trainings to keep our insurance and membership up BUT this was the most enjoyable training I’ve ever attended. Your energy, enthusiasm and fun nature was infectious. I learned LOADS and I am delighted I attended and looking forward to incorporating lots of finger free reflexology in my treatments 🙂

This workshop was a breath of fresh air during a tough time for reflexology therapists. Having to switch to online learning and having my practice closed and opened during the pandemic had left me feeling out of touch. David was engaging with every student through the zoom camera. It was extremely hands-on learning and the camera angles were spot on. I would even say I could see better than if I was crowded around a set of feet with multiple students. I truly believe Finger Free Reflexology is something every reflexology therapist should take to not only save their hands, but also the clients love the relaxing flow of the technique. Thank you so much David.

My clients love the new treatment! my most regular client, who is a big fan of my usual traditional reflexology treatment, said that she preferred the new treatment and felt fantastic after having it done.

Fantastic course today (Finger Free Reflexology) with the amazing with David Wayte. David’s aim is to stick 2 fingers up to repetitive strain injury (or not as it was Finger Free!) by teaching how to give reflexology using other parts of the hand and forearm. Learnt a lot of good and useful stuff today – thanks David x  

I’d definitely recommend this course as a great CPD day and a way to ensure any Reflexologist is fit to work for many, many years.

Thank you so much David. My fingers and thumbs have been aching after a few treatments paer day, but now I stay pain free and fresh all day! My last treatment of the day is now as good as my first!

I have had pain in my wrists and was recently diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. I thought my days of delivering Reflexology were over!…… But then I met David and learned Finger Free Reflexology. No more pain – an effortless way of delivering Reflexology – I’ve got my future ahead of me again and I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you David 🙂

What an amazing difference this has made to my practice! I have had incredible results, much quicker than with normal foot reflexology.

The clients have all really enjoyed the flows of energy they have felt during treatment. The results have been startling but fantastic and I am so glad I did the course.

This is brilliant – I’m getting far more reactions with this technique and my clients are feeling huge waves of energy as I’m working on them. It’s effortless too, which makes it all unbelievable!

I would like to sat a massive Thank You to you for this technique. When we met I had already had my right thumb joint replaced and was waiting for the left to be done. Unfortunately due to complications after the operation I have now had to adapt to using one hand.

Your technique has kept me working as a therapist !

I am now able to book more clients in one day and not worry about getting the ‘Reflexologist ache’.

My clients comment that they prefer Finger Free as they feel they get a better treatment than with Classic Reflex.

Once again, THANK YOU for saving my career.

Hi David. I’ve just done your course, and I had to write to you as I was overwhelmed with how it felt to receive Finger Free Reflexology during the training.

When I first started receiving Reflexology as a client (a long time ago) I remember how powerful it felt, and how it transformed my health. Since then I have continued to receive regular treatments……. but the power seems to have diminished – I guessed it was because my body had got used to it.

I was wrong! Receiving a Finger Free treatment was just like having that first treatment all over again!! Huge waves of energy washing over me and I could feel my body responding once more. This was fantastic!

Thank you so much.

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